Moynihan Prize Presentations

Please click on the link below to download the 2014 Moynihan Prize Papers e-booklet.

2014 Moynihan Prize Papers Booklet

This is the Association’s most prestigious scientific award. The prize consists of £1,000, together with a medal, and is presented to the author of the best research work delivered at the International Surgical Congress. The person reading the paper must be the principal research worker and have been qualified for less than fifteen years. In the case of multiple-author papers, the medal will be presented to the person reading the paper and the award may be divided between the authors.

The paper should have a scientific basis and clinical application; case reports and audit reports should not be submitted. The paper must not have been submitted previously to any other national or international association nor published in any Journal at the time of submission. Shortlisted papers which are found to have been presented elsewhere, or have been accepted for presentation elsewhere, will be disqualified.

If selected, competitors are encouraged to submit a manuscript suitable for publication. The Moynihan Prize paper shall become the property of the Association and will be published on the BJS website (citable) and in the ASGBI Moynihan Prize Papers e-booklet.

Papers submitted for the Moynihan Prize and not shortlisted will be considered for the Short Paper sections of the meeting.

The Moynihan Prize Session in Manchester is taking place on Thursday 23rd April 2015. The top scoring abstracts, as determined by the Association’s Scientific Committee, will be presented in this session and, from these, the winner of the Moynihan Prize will be selected.