Submission of Abstracts

All abstracts must be submited through the online submission system by the deadline, 1200 hours on 18th January 2019.

Please note that all accepted abstracts, whether for oral or e-poster presentation, will be published online on the BJS website (citeable). Abstracts accepted for oral presentation in the Moynihan Prize Paper session(s) will, in addition, be published online.

All authors who have abstracts accepted for the Congress are encouraged to submit a manuscript at: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/bjs for consideration for publication in the BJS.

To submit an abstract for the congress please click here.

Short Papers and E-posters
During the Congress there be short paper sessions, oral e-poster presentations and e-poster presentations.  The highest scoring abstracts will be selected for short paper presentations.  All other accepted abstracts will be presented as e-posters.  The highest scoring within the e-posters will be offered an oral e-poster presentation that will take place during a lunch break.

Each Poster submission will be £30 (£25 + VAT).

Guidelines for submission are outlined below, and please ensure to read them carefully.

Topics for Abstract Submission

  • Audit and Outcomes Research
  • Basic and Applied Clinical Science
  • Breast/Endocrine
  • Cancer/Surgical Oncology
  • Education and Training
  • Emergency Surgery (Specify if using NELA data)
  • General
  • Hernia/Soft Tissue
  • Minimally invasive Surgery
  • Patient Safety
  • Quality Improvement
  • Perioperative Care/Nutrition
  • Randomised Clinical Trials
  • Surgical Complications
  • Surgical Simulation and Technology
  • Teamwork
  • Trauma and Military Surgery
  • Vascular and Transplant

General Guidelines for Submission

  • The abstract should relate to original, unpublished work and must not have been previously presented at any major meeting.
  • Abstracts must consist of four paragraphs, entitled: Aims, Methods, Results, Conclusions.
  • Abstracts are to be submitted as text and tables only (i.e. no figures, graphs or diagrams).
  • The text must fit within the abstract template and use Arial font in size 11. The maximum word count is 250 words.
  • No more than a maximum of six authors should be listed.
  • As the abstract will be judged anonymously, the text must not reveal any institutional affiliation.
  • The category which best describes the subject of your work, from the list of topics above should be indicated. Abstracts should only be submitted in ONE category. Duplicate submissions will be disqualified.
  • If the abstract is to be considered for the Moynihan or NELA Prizes, the relevant box should be marked during the submission process.
  • After the submission deadline has closed, absolutely no changes can be made to the abstract.


  • Abstract Submission Deadline – 1200 hours on Friday 18th January.
  • Acceptance notifications will be issued by the end of February.

Presenting authors are responsible for registration, travel, and hotel costs.

Abstracts will be compiled and made available to Congress participants via an app.

Please note carefully!
Submission of an abstract constitutes a formal commitment by a minimum of one named author to present the abstract in the session and at the time decided upon by the ASGBI Scientific Committee, or in the case of an e-poster, to register for and be present for a minimum of one day of the Congress. Any change in the presenting author should be communicated in advance via email to Membership & Systems Manager, Carol McNair at carolmcnair@asgbi.org.uk. Failure to present the abstract for other than well founded reasons will lead to the author and their supervisor receiving a letter outlining the default, and the abstract will not be published.

ASGBI takes a serious view of Research Governance. Please ensure that the abstract has been seen and agreed by all of the named authors before submission. Where there is a conflict, ASGBI’s Scientific Committee will take the final decision on whether an abstract will be presented. All authors have a responsibility to ensure that the data submitted is accurate, is not extrapolated and fairly represents the presentation to be given at the Association’s International Surgical Congress.

To submit an abstract for the congress please click here.