Gallstone guide

Gall stones and their treatments. A Guide for Patients having Gallstone Surgery – Part 1

Hernia Video

Groin Hernias – A Guide for Patients


Gallstones are one of the commonest problems for which patients are referred to surgeons. The surgical treatment has changed much over the last few years with removal by keyhole techniques now being performed as day-case procedures. Being back to 90% of capabilities by two weeks is a major plus for patients.

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Groin hernias

Groin hernias affect thousands of patients every year and can prevent common every-day activities being performed normally, as well as being a common cause of people being unable to work.Treatments as a day-case are now normal – either by open or keyhole techniques – and return to near normal activity

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manNicholas Markham qualified from St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London in 1977. Following surgical training in Oxford and then Cambridge, he studied for an MS thesis at The Ludwig Institute of Cancer Research in Cambridge, which was awarded in 1986. After Senior Registrar training in Cardiff, he was appointed Lecturer in Surgery at the Royal Free Hospital London in 1988. He spent a year as Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Surgery at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1989/90, before returning to London for a brief spell and then being appointed Consultant Surgeon at The North Devon District Hospital in 1992. He introduced the techniques of laparoscopic cholecystectomy, hernia repair and colectomy to the Trust and became heavily involved in surgical education, firstly as Royal College of Surgeons Tutor, then as Programme Director for the South West Higher Surgical Training Programme. In 2006 he was appointed as Head of the South West Peninsula School of Surgery, a post he held until 2011. He has been the Director of Informatics at the ASGBI since 2010 and sits on the Executive Board.

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