NELA Trainee Prize at ASGBI

Abstracts submission is now closed.

NELA and ASGBI will be awarding a Trainee prize at the International Congress in Belfast. This will be for the best submission using your hospital’s NELA data. Particularly favoured will be those which bring about an improvement in care.

The traditional model of audit takes too long and does not address the underlying reasons why things don’t happen as they should. Quality improvement (QI) aims to address this. QI science emphasises the use of local data to drive small scale changes, carried out on short timescales.

So although NELA has the word ‘Audit’ in it, the only way improvements in patient care will come about is if clinicians use their NELA data to measure what is going on in their hospital, make a change, and measure the impact of making that change. The NELA website allows your hospital’s NELA lead to download your own NELA data whenever you want to support QI initiatives.

The intention is that this prize will encourage trainees to get involved in driving improvements in the delivery of care to patients undergoing emergency laparotomy. It also has the added benefit of helping trainees understand the difference between audit and quality improvement, and show evidence of active participation in a Quality Improvement project.

The criteria for a successful poster will be judged on:

  • Whether it demonstrates use of local NELA data
  • Whether it uses established QI methodology
  • Has multidisciplinary involvement (ideally)
  • Whether it demonstrates an improvement in care, which could be improvements in process or outcome

Further reading:
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School

Many hospitals will also have quality improvement/service improvement teams.

Iain Anderson MBE FRCS
NELA Surgical Advisor
Emma Davies FRCS
NELA Surgical Fellow

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