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We are delighted to invite you to this unique event at the New Belfast Waterfront Conference Centre on Thursday 12th May 2016, on behalf of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ASGBI), and the UK Engineering and Physical Research Council (EPSRC). The Symposium will be held during the ASGBI Annual Conference, which is this year themed upon “Surgery in the Digital Age”.

It is being organised under the Chairmanship of Professor Gerard Parr, Professor of Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Coleraine and Mr David Rew, Consultant Surgeon at University Hospital of Southampton and Director for Communications for the ASGBI Executive Board; in collaboration with Dr Sarah Hobbs from the Healthcare Technologies Theme at EPSRC:-

Visit EPSRC Healthcare Technologies Website

The Symposium has been designed to provide an opportunity for Surgeons to learn more about the work of the academic, engineering and physical sciences communities in Northern Ireland and across the UK covering a range of technologies of significance to their present and future work.

It is also designed to allow the technology research and development communities to engage with surgeons to better understand the issues and challenges for the implementation of these technologies to advance safer, more efficient surgical practice; and to improve education and training through engineered technologies and simulation systems.  We intend to capture the product of this symposium and to build upon this innovative engagement between these diverse professional communities.

We are very privileged to have senior academic researchers and clinicians from around the UK to present their work on a range of cutting edge health technologies during the morning programme.

The afternoon sessions have been designed to stimulate debate, discussion and beneficial exchange around  areas of focus for investment by the UK Government through the EPSRC Healthcare Technologies Theme.

Many of you will be unfamiliar with the “Well Sorted” conference facilitation tool, which has generously been made available to us by Professor Mike Chantler of Heriot Watt University.

“Well Sorted” is a tool which allows us to structure the Meeting around topics which are of particular interest to the delegates. In effect, we are crowd-sourcing the content of the final session. We would be grateful if you would follow this link and then fill in the boxes to describe one subject of importance to you for each of the four EPSRC domains listed above.

Please provide a title of up to 50 characters, to include the Topic Abbreviation (e.g. DFT). Please then provide text of up to 250 characters to describe the challenges, the opportunities or the issues of interest to you under this topic heading.

“Well Sorted” helps us to tease out the topics of greatest interest to the participants in the symposium, and to guide our discussions for the maximum all round benefit to all participants. We encourage you to use “Well Sorted” to highlight your 4 key areas of importance.  We will share the results of Well Sorted at the Symposium.

We very much hope that you will enjoy trying out this novel approach to symposium planning and that you will be able to join us during the symposium. This is your opportunity to engage with future health technology funding and innovation for the future benefit of surgeons in general, and for our academic and technology colleagues.

Please submit your ideas by Friday 6th May 2016.  Thank you for taking part in this study.

We look forward to seeing you at the Symposium in Belfast.

With best wishes,

Gerard Parr & David Rew

For your reference, the four main EPSRC Health Technologies are currently:

  1. Developing Future Therapies, using technologies to enhance efficacy, minimise costs and reduce risk to patients.
  2. Frontiers of Physical Intervention: Restoring function, and optimising surgery and other physical interventions to achieve high precision with minimal invasiveness.
  3. Optimising Treatment and care through effective diagnosis, patient-specific prediction and evidence-based intervention.
  4. Transforming Community Health and Care using real-time information to support self-management of health and wellbeing, and to facilitate timely interventions.

If you are not a healthcare professional and would like to attend this Symposium, please register here.

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